PIKO R30 and M30 firewood processors

The PIKO R30 and M30 are firewood processors that allow you to produce quality firewood quickly and lightly, thanks to fully hydraulic control.
R30 mobiili

PIKO R30 and M30 are equipped with optimized splitting, whereby the splitting length is controlled by using the valve. If you split, for example, 35 cm of firewood, you only need to split about 45 cm (max splitting movement 55 cm), and you can reset the splitting and immediately make the next cut. This has the advantage of working faster. You can also stop splitting if there is a problem with the tree’s position.

The PIKO R30 and M30 are equipped with a 4 m long discharge conveyor that can be turned laterally. A hydraulic feed table is standard on all models, making working easy.

Piko mock-up machines are available in two basic versions – tractor-driven and towed by a car. A hydraulic 2-lever control valve does the lifting and feeding of the wood into the machine.

The basic model has additional hydraulic plugs, which can be used, e.g., a hydraulic log table. The machine’s feed with a hydraulic mat feeder is controlled directly from a hydraulic valve, and this model also has additional hydraulic plugs.

Modern design, ergonomics, and ease of use make spotting effortless with the PIKO R30 and M30!




Technical details

  • Maximum diameter of log 300 mm
  • Minimum diameter of log 50 mm
  • Wood cutting length (min-max) 300–550 mm
  • Weight 825 kg
  • Cutting blade
    • Blade 13 ”/ 325/1,3 mm / 56
    • Chain 325 / 1,3 mm / 56
  • Cutting cylinder thrust 5 tonnes
  • Cylinder stroke 730 mm
  • Adjustable splitting blade 2/4
  • Hydraulic conveyor length 4 m
  • Hydraulic oil requirement 60 litres
  • Hydraulic pressure 180 bar
  • Power: R30 tractor-driven and electric, M30 internal combustion engine 17.5 HV/500cc
  • Towable M30 registered for road use (no brakes)

PIKO CLEANER cleaning drum

The PIKO CLEANER is a cleaning pump for cleaning valves. It separates debris from the firewood, resulting in higher quality firewood and minimizing the risk of mold.

The PIKO Cleaner is fully self-contained and can therefore be connected to almost all models of valve machines. The discharge conveyor of the flap machine feeds flaps into the drum, which, after passing through the drum, are transferred by the discharge conveyor into, for example, sacks. The swiveling conveyor allows the bags to be placed side by side.

The PIKO Cleaner is available in electric or hydraulic versions. The length of the discharge conveyor is 2.1m, laterally adjustable in three different positions. The discharge height of the conveyor is adjustable. Max height on top of the discharge conveyor is 3.5m

The pictures show an electric motor model.