Firewood, logs, etc. short-distance timber transport

The PIKO skidding grapples are easy to grip and move timber, even in difficult conditions. It is suitable for both small and medium-sized tractors.

The skidding grapple is available with a hydraulic winch. The winch can also be retrofitted to an older PIKO skidding grapple.

Winch pulling power is 4500kg with 12mm wire up to length 26m connected to tractor hydraulics. The winch has a cable release lever so that the cable can be pulled out quickly by hand.

  • Distance of the grab from the lifting arms 120 cm
  • Grab opening 200 cm
  • Weight 280 kg (with winch 385kg)
  • Swivel cylinder (optional)
  • Frame rotation angle of about 45 degrees on both sides