Efficiently splitting even large trees

PIKO hydraulic splitters are available in tractor hydraulic, tractor PTO and self-hydraulic, electric motor, and internal combustion engine models. You can effectively split even large trees into two or four pieces with all models.


PIKO hydraulic splitters have easy-to-use and safe controls. The splitting return movement is automatic. Standard with 2-speed valve and extension table behind the machine. The height adjustment of the splitting blade is easily adjustable from the comb.

We also manufacture splitters ATV ready.


Thanks to efficient and fast halving, our range of hydraulic splitters have the right product for both the do-it-yourselfer and the professional user.

PIKO hydraulic splitters are equipped with the new standard for working area protection!

Technical specifications:

ModelOperating powerHydraulicStroke length (mm)Force/kpBlade-speed valve70/45-700Tractortr000/4standard

Hydraulics: tr=tractor, oh=separate hydraulics

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