For handling round timber

The PIKO tree grapple is a solidly built tree grapple for the front loader. The solid and broad grabs allow logs to be handled and collected smoothly in the grab. Facilitates timber handling on a firewood processor, saw or stacking.


The PIKO wood grab is available in two different sizes. Bolt-on loader holders allow you to change adaptors for all the most common loader models. Standard fittings include EURO and Trima bolt-on fittings.

A powerful double-acting cylinder with ½-inch quick couplings allows you to hold and transfer even the longest and heaviest loads reliably. Even round bales can be handled with this grab!


Technical specifications:

MalliYläkouran aukeamaYläkouran sylinteri mäntä/varsiYläkouran leveysAlakouran pituusAlakouran leveysPaino
PK1001020 mm50/30 mm524 mm818 mm1030 mm235 kg
PK1101350 mm70/40 mm524 mm993 mm1130 mm305 kg

Hydraulics: tr=tractor, oh=separate hydraulics

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